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Sleeping with love
Ural Grup’s brand for domestic market since 2007. The products with Visko Love brands were first sold in Turkey in home textile and furniture stores, but since 2009 the Visko Love stores are being opened all over the country.


Visko Love is the market leader for the visco elastic memory foam with the largest mattress and pillow product range and with the moulded production system. We do not only sell this brand in domestic market but also we Export the goods with Visko Love concept.

Heart of Sleep Beats for You
Brand presence more than 250 domestic and +550 sales points worldwide.
Visko Love in Korea in 2019
Medical Professional Products
Ural Grup’s brand for medical product retailers, hospitals, boats, wholesales, and also for, hotels.


Our medical product retailer customers can choose products specifically designed for medical needs among our large product range which has the highest quality for visco elastic memory foams thanks to the moulded production system.


Besides, we can work together with our customers in line with their needs to develop the right products for their usage or for their own product range.

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We are Turkey’s first Visco Memory Foam Mattress and Pillow producer and are industry leaders since 1996.

We have 25 years of experience in this field with the world’s largest range of pillow designs. From our own brands to private label, anything is possible at Ural Group.

We export our products to over 40 countries with brand presence in more than 250 domestic, and 550 sales points worldwide.