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Ural Group is an industry leader in memory foam mattress production. As Turkey’s first molded memory foam manufacturer, we started in 1996 to provide turnkey services to our business partners with our production and sales experience. We use Visco Memory Foam technology in accordance with the needs of our customers and their private label wishes.

We Offer the Best.


We know that your customers shop at various price points. 

Our mattress and pillows, which can be produced specifically for E-Commerce or 

showroom sales, are unique compared to their competitors in the market.

As one of the largest mattress and pillow manufacturers in the world, we can 

guarantee the best value available. We are committed to offering the best price 

thanks to our innovative and tailored production methods.

We are Turkey’s first Visco Memory Foam Mattress and Pillow producer and are industry leaders since 1996.

We have 25 years of experience in this field with the world’s largest range of pillow designs.

From our own brands to private label, anything is possible at Ural Group.

We export our products to over 40 countries with brand presence in more than 250 domestic, and 550 sales points worldwide.

One of Europe's Largest Bedding Manufacturers.

With 25 years of experience, Ural Group has positioned itself among the biggest bedding & bed-in-box manufacturers in the world.

Our expertise and product portfolio is unmatched within the bedding industry. With the largest selection of pillows in the world and

an almost infinite amount of product options and customizations for our private label customers, we have got you covered from A to Z. 




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Our sales numbers, brands, client list and immense amount of sales points speak for themselves.

Our products are loved by our clients as well as their customers. 

Our Services

The Ural Group R&D team develops, combines and manufactures new product technologies that are not widely available in the market. Custom-made products are included in our bestseller lists at our points of sale. We meet our customer expectations with high quality standards and guarantee a high level of satisfaction.


Sleep habits are variable. Therefore our design, production, and technology capabilities are endless to meet any of our customer needs. No other company offers the same list of technologies as us.

Private Label

Apart from our own successful brands, we offer the option of creating your own private label brand according to all your wishes. From design, production and packaging, we have got you covered on every aspect.

Quick and easy export

Strategically positioned in between Europe, Asia and the Middle East, we deliver your products anywhere in the world in record times in the most efficient ways possible using our vacuum shipping technology.

Ready to create your own bed-in-box brand?

At Ural Group, we have helped many clients with the concept, creation and launch of their own bed-in-box brand. 

Long term relationships are key when it comes to our customer relations. That’s why we are ready to help you along each step of the process to ensure a successful product launch and realization.